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Seminars & Clinics
BIJ Seminars
BIJ's Seminars, also on location, are highly informational, providing advanced knowledge to enhance or rebuild your program's health and success. Although BIJ Seminars are designed for coaches and sports administrators, parents and athletes are encouraged to attend. Seminars are broken into three categories: Sport Performance (SP), Skill Development (SD), and Athletic Lifestyle Management (ALM).
Sport Performance is the process of designing the body to perform the precise tasks needed to healthily and productively perform skills in a sport, in this case volleyball. Skill Development is the process of teaching the proper skills and mechanics used in a sport, i.e. hitting, blocking, etc. Athletic Lifestyle Management addresses natural obstacles of the student-athlete and imparts the skills needed to perform at the most elite levels of competition, which applies to academia and citizenship, as much as it does sport.
Principal Boston Institute of Jump Seminar Topics
Building Blocks of the Volleyball Athlete(SP)
Crafting a Functional Volleyball Off-Season Sport Performance Program
Keeping Athletes on the Court (SP)
Functional or Volleyball Range of Motion & Injury Prevention
Healthy Swing (SP)
The Secrets to Maintaining a Pain Free Arm
Collegiate Volleyball Recruitment and College Counseling (ALM)
Navigating the Transition from High School to College as a Student Athlete
Building a Championship Volleyball Practice (SD & SP)
Productive Practice Scheduling & Design
Nutritional Intake for Performance and the Truth Behind Supplementing (ALM)
Learn How to Fuel the Body to Maximize Energy and Training for Performance
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BIJ Clinics

BIJ's on location, fully participatory clinics provide the opportunity to design development based on each program's unique needs. Highly refined sports performance techniques, drills, and exercises will sharpen your athletes' abilities overnight and help sustain their health and success. BIJ Clinics are split into two topics: Sport Performance and Skill Development.

Principal Boston Institute of Jump Clinic Topics:
Musculosystematic Shoulder Engineering & Injury Prevention
Explosive Hip and Leg Development
Explosive Rotational Development
Building Arm Strength
Speed, Reactive Quickness, & Proactive Release
Jumping for Volleyball: Explosive and Rotational
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