Boston Institute of Jump - Partner of the International Volleyball Hall of Fame
Player Development 

BIJ develops position-specific, highly honed skills for basketball and volleyball athletes 10 years of age and older. Concentrating on Sport Performance, Injury Prevention, and Professional Skill Development, the Boston Institute of Jump offers a comprehensive program that greatly enhances performance on the courts and beaches.

Skill Development
Pulling from an extensive professional volleyball background, the Boston Institute of Jump provides the most elite skill training in the Northeast. 
Volleyball athletes learn the intricacies of arm swing, digging, setting, and much more. 

BIJ Skill Development for Volleyball is offered both Privately, in a Group (No more than 5), and as Clinics (as seen below)
Sports Performance Training
BIJ treats each position differently. To perform at the most elite levels, one must become an expert at their position, and we train the body to perform with excellence and without injury. Focusing on the muscle movements that differentiate both sport and position the Boston Institute of Jump Sport Performance Training will have you competing at the top of your game.
BIJ Sport Performance is offered Privately, in a Group (no more than 5), or as a Team or Program. 


 BIJ Individual Private Consulting
The Boston Institute of Jump Individual Consulting independently evaluates volleyball athletes in specific aspects of the game for college prospecting and to identify areas in need of improvement. From this identification BIJ designs a Sport Performance, Skill Development Program, Athletic Lifestyle Management that meets their athletic lifestyle goals.
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Player Talent & Skill Evaluation
Our highly skilled talent consultants will give intricately detailed evaluations of the athlete's abilities and potential in the areas of: mechanical skill work, injury potential, muscular communication, and general composure.
Injury Consultation
Injuries come in many form in Volleyball, but there are some areas that are constantly nagging at many ball players: Ankles, Knees, Shoulders, and the Lower Back. Each of these areas is at high risk in the game of Volleyball and Basketball, and often when one injury is experienced, shortly thereafter another one follows and the dominoes fall. BIJ has the sport performance and injury-prevention know-how to identify weaknesses in the muscular infrastructure and provide programs to combat imbalances with simple, repeatable exercises done in conjunction with power and performance exercises. We expose weakness, strengthen it, and decrease the chance of injury as we enhance whole-body explosiveness.

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