Boston Institute of Jump - Partner of the International Volleyball Hall of Fame
About Us
     The Boston Institute of Jump, a member of the Boston Sports Institutes, is a Volleyball Specific Player Development Company. We are dedicated to taking Northeast Volleyball to elite levels through advanced professional training and education techniques. 

     Our training philosophy focuses on Injury Prevention through Musculosystematic™ Engineering; the more that an athlete is able to play their sport, the more that they can excel. Volleyball, as a skill sport, requires a great deal amount of time playing in order to improve. The healthier the Boston Institute of Jump can keep an athlete, the more opportunity to play and to flourish. 

  What are Musculosystematics and Musculosystematic Engineering (MsE)?
     Musculosystematics™ is the study of the safety and effect of cumulative neuromuscular interaction in any movement at any moment, in which each neurological pathway and muscle has a distinct functional responsibility. MsE™ is the application of Musculosystematics™.

How does the volleyball athlete benefit from MsE™ services?
            Volleyball Athletes will benefit from MsE™ services by honing their conscious and subconscious interaction with musculoskeletal movement in a way that uniquely ensures safe and effective recruitment of supportive synergistic musculature throughout all volleyball activities.

            Particularly beneficial for the volleyball athlete is MsE™’s focus on the athletes’ relationship with the ground, the distribution of impact through appropriate synergistic musculature, maximizing trunk stability for balance, agility, and a strong base from which to jump and land, while simultaneously increasing the body’s ability to make micro adjustments subconsciously amid chaos. Through the application of MsE™, volleyball athletes can expect to enjoy greater ball control, increased vertical explosiveness and power, and an increased ability to avoid awkward landings that can lead to injury, among many others. 

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Aaron Jessee
Director of Player Development
Volleyball Specific Musculosystematic Performance Coach
Volleyball Specific Musculosystematic Skill Development
Junior Elite Musculosystematic Engineer


Coaching Experience
  • Western Academy of Beijing Grade 7 Head Coach: 2010/2015
  • Western Academy of Beijing Varsity Boys and Girls Assistant Coach 2014
  • Western Academy of Beijing Performance Coach/Injury Prevention Specialist
  • Beijing Sandstorms Volleyball Club (Boys/Girls) Assistant Coach
  • Beijing Sandstorms Volleyball Performance Coach
  • North Shore Juniors U13 Girls Assistant Coach/Tournament Head Coach
  • China Panda Volleyball Summer Camp Sponsored by Adidas 
         -Performance Coach
         -Skills Coach
         -Injury Prevention Specialist

Performance Coaching Experience:
  • Middle School Boys and Girls
  • High School Boys and Girls
  • Men's D3 College
  • Chinese Men's University
  • Chinese Adult Volleyball Club
  • Former Chinese Professional
  • Former German Professional
  • AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Player
  • Former Chinese Women's National Team Player

Personal Accolades:
  • 3x MVP at the Western Academy of Beijing as a setter
  • 4 Year Varsity at Endicott College as DS/Libero
  • 4 Year Academic All Conference: New England Collegiate Conference
  • 2014 New England Collegiate Conference Defensive Player of the Year
  • 2.9 Digs/Set: 14th Nationally
  • 2x NCAA Championships Participant
  • 2014 Endicott College Male Athlete of the Year Finalist

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