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50% OFF - Individualized Injury Prevention, Massage, and Sports Performance (Strength & Conditioning) Sessions with Master Coach, Thomas Morris.

50% OFF- Individual Skill Development Sessions with 
Director of Player Development, Aaron Jessee.

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"Thank you [Coaches] for showing me proper form to prevent sports injury. Through the sessions I have gained more knowledge about my own body and how to use it more efficiently. I encourage others to seek their counsel!!!" - Simon

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Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, and Sport Performance Partner of 
The Boston Institute of Jump (BIJ) is a Volleyball Specific Player Development Company within the Boston Sports Institutes. We are dedicated to taking Northeast volleyball to elite levels through the use of Musculosystematics™, advanced professional training, and education techniques.

Proud Member of the Boston Sports Institutes

Organizational Partners
International Volleyball Hall of Fame
Cambridge Boston Volleyball Association
Boston Volleyball Association
Boston Knights CAC
Massachusetts Boys High School Volleyball


Private/Small Group Training
MsE™ Injury Rehabilitation 
MsE™ Volleyball-Specific Injury Prevention
MsE™ Volleyball Specific Performance
MsE™ Skill Development 
Click HERE to find out more!

BIJ Clinics are primarily physically interactive experiences during which MsE™ Theory will be put into practice. Click here to find out more!

The objective of a BIJ seminar is to become acquainted, both Individually or Institutionally, with Musculosystematics™ and Musculosystematic Engineering™ (MsE™) with attention to second party application. Click here to find out more!
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