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Elite Player Development and Consulting Company for Volleyball
The Boston Institute of Jump supports any  individual or organization in the sports of basketball and volleyball with the most advanced Sport Performance Training and Professional Position-Specific Skill Development coaches and consultants in the Northeast. BIJ produces champions, both individually and organizationally,

The key to BIJ's success is the combination of specific Sport Performance Training (Strength & Conditioning) and tool-specific Professional Skill Development. BIJ has an extensive background in professional skill development, covering all tools needed in volleyball, and combines with an extensive background in Sport Performance to create unstoppable position-specific basketball and volleyball athletes. Our practices have been tested at every level from Youth Programs to the Pro's.

Our BIJ athletes learn the specific muscular tools needed in either basketball or volleyball such as proactive jump, reactive lateral, and hand-eye coordination. More importantly, our athletes are designed to repel injury. Keeping the athlete participating in sport, developing skills, shooting, hitting, defending, etc., progresses performance more than any other element in Player Development. If an athlete is injured, all physical progress is halted, often reversed.

Including Clinics, Seminars, and Consulting, BIJ Advanced Programs provides the opportunity for volleyball and basketball organizations to absorb information on an institutional level. On location, our coaches and consultants provide informational Clinics, Seminars, and Consulting to your school or organization.

In coordination with the Boston Sports Institutes and parent company HordoN HEALTH, a Lifestyle Management Company, BIJ presents Extracurriculars, providing Scholarships for those who truly require them, coordinated Academic Tutoring for those in need, and Private Student-Athlete College Counseling.
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