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The Boston Institute of Jump (BIJ) is a Volleyball Specific Player Development Company within the Boston Sports Institutes. We are dedicated to taking Northeast volleyball to elite levels through advanced professional training and education techniques.
Our training philosophy focuses on Injury Prevention; the more time that an athlete can spend on the court, the more they can develop their skills. Volleyball, as a skill sport, requires an enormous amount of time spent playing in order to improve. The healthier the Boston Institute of Jump can keep an athlete, the more opportunity that an athlete has to play and to flourish.

BIJ utilizes Musculosystematic™ Engineering, allowing the athlete to recruit optimal synergistic musculature during volleyball specific movements to amplify performance and health, thus promoting maximal player development. 

From the Boston Sports Institutes Scholarship Program, which gives discounted services to award recipients, to our internationally acclaimed Player Development Programs, the Boston Institute of Jump creates powerful, fulfilling, and productive futures filled with endless opportunity in sport, academia, and community.

Organizational Partners
International Volleyball Hall of Fame
Cambridge Boston Volleyball Association
Boston Volleyball Association
Massachusetts Boys High School Volleyball


BIJ Clinics are primarily physically interactive experiences during which MsE™ Theory will be put into practice. The following are examples of Boston Institute of Jump MsE™ Clinic Topics : 

MsE™ Volleyball-Specific Injury Prevention:
  • Injury Prevention Clinics can be segmented by Skill Level, Position, Age, Body Specific Areas of Focus (Knees, Ankles, Shoulders, etc.) 

MsE™ Volleyball Specific Performance Training - Clinic Samples: 
  • Explosive Hip and Leg Development
  • Explosive Rotational Development
  • Building Arm Strength
  • Speed, Agility, and Reactive Quickness
  • Jumping and Landing for Volleyball 

MsE™ Skill Development
  •  Available for all skills and skill levels 

The objective of a BIJ seminar is to become informationally acquainted, both Individually or Institutionally, with Musculosystematics™ and Musculosystematic Engineering™ (MsE™) with attention to second party application. Seminar Topics mirror Clinic Topics with the addition of the following topics:       

  • Student Athlete College Counseling 
  • Student-Athlete Leadership Counseling           
  • Fueling the Volleyball Athlete – Nutritional Intake for Performance 


MsE™ Injury Rehabilitation 
  • Subjects will typically experience a removal of all symptoms as a result of the re-engineering of diagnosed dysfunctional movement patterning within 10 sixty minute sessions, barring extenuating circumstances from complex dysfunctions.

MsE™ Volleyball-Specific Injury Prevention
  • MsE™ Coaches account for musculoskeletal systems involved with the athletes’ position to increase their ability to cope with the stresses of the game 

MsE™ Volleyball Specific Performance
  • Individualized to Player, Position, Timeline, and Goals 

MsE™ Skill Development 
  • Individualized to Team Strategy, Player, Position, Timeline, and Goals

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